Ultimate Essay Writing Guide in 10 Steps

Essay writing is inescapable in high school and college. In the business field, you are generally expected to write a report, which is often known as an essay. An essay is a piece of writing in which a cohesive collection of ideas is developed into a well-structured logical argument. The essay writing procedure is not easy.

Most students find it quite tough to write a flawless essay. Essay writing is emphasized in secondary and postsecondary institutions for a variety of reasons. Students, on the other hand, are at a huge disadvantage if they do not have great writing skills. If you can’t think of anything to write, just look at a blank piece of paper or screen. Then you will be able to discover how to begin an essay here.

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A well-written essay is composed in the order in which the steps are stated. The ten fundamental steps to writing an outstanding academic essay are listed here.

  1. Determine the Type of Essay.

The first step in writing an essay is deciding what type of essay you need to write. To effectively complete an essay, you must first select the appropriate type of essay. Every academic essay may be classified into one of the following types.

Descriptive Essay-A descriptive essay takes the reader on a comprehensive investigation of the subject, allowing them to get a better grasp of it.

A story-telling narrative essayIn this situation, I’m writing a persuasive essay about my point of view on the topic of the essay.

Expository Essay-An expository essay is made up of a detailed explanation and clarification of a topic using various facts and examples.

Knowing what type of essay you must write will allow you to choose a topic and begin composing the essay. You should also be familiar with the following essay types.

  • Essay arguing a point
  • Essay analysis
  • Essay about cause and effect
  • Essay on classification
  • Essay on Synthesis
  1. Select a Topic.

Finding a good topic for an essay is essential for generating a powerful piece of writing. If you have already been allocated an essay topic, you can skip the first stage. However, if you must give a prompt for your essay, you must think beyond the box. When you search for an essay, the number of essay subjects skyrockets. Choosing the right topic from a large list of options is one of the most difficult and time-consuming processes. The essay prompt determines how strongly you will convey your perspective in your essay. In other words, pick a topic that is unique, novel, intriguing, and attractive to you.

3.The writer can choose his or her own writing style.

Knowing what citation style you’ll use for your essay provides you an essay of the type of essay you’ll write. Even if you disagree with them, most professors give their directions on writing layout and essay format in an authoritative manner. These are the most common essay writing types that students may face in high school and college.

  • The APA is an Author-Date citation style created for the area of psychology and the social sciences.
  • The MLA citation format is an author-page number citation system that is best suited for works in the humanities and languages.
  • Turabian Style and notes-bibliography are other names for the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). The equation can be used to any subject that requires sophisticated mathematics.

Each citation style’s reference list is formatted differently. The styles listed below will assist you in structuring and presenting your essay properly. These citation styles are also appropriate for research articles.

  1. Conduct Research on the Subject.

Before essay writing , it is important to research the topic and gather information. Visit the library to read books or get information from reliable sources. You can discuss your topic with other students and teachers to obtain other perspectives on it. Spend some time researching your topic before you begin writing so that you may incorporate a variety of fascinating and valuable data in your essay.

5.Begin by making an outline for your essay.

It is critical to outline an essay. It is also useful in assisting you in developing a logical link between the facts. The five-paragraph essay structure is typical in academic essay. The basic essay framework is used to structure all essay types. However, in more intricate and lengthy compositions, the important body paragraphs may be longer. An outline for an essay is provided below.

6. Start working on a thesis.

A thesis statement is a brief statement that outlines the main idea of the essay. Everything that follows will support your thesis statement. “The opioid crisis can only be dealt with by the government,” for example, is an example of a thesis statement. Your essay will be organized around this thesis, with each point pointing back to it. It is presented in the introduction’s conclusion section and acts as a summary of the essay’s contents. It’s not too wide or too narrow.

  1. Create an introduction.

An introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of your essay. It might be difficult to start an essay in an effective manner at times. An introduction is intended to tell your reader about the topic you will discuss in your essay. Make it clear what you mean. What you should include in an excellent introduction paragraph is as follows: Find an intriguing or thought-provoking opening sentence to capture the reader’s attention at the start of your introduction.

Quotes, stories, jokes, phrases, and facts can help you with your hook statement by providing you with a “hook.” Tell us about your topic in broad strokes. Provide an introduction to the topic so that the reader is familiar with it. Instead of being too broad, the first paragraph should not be too narrow. It should pique the reader’s interest and compel them to continue reading the essay.

  1. Assemble the body.

The body paragraphs connect the conclusion and introduction. anything in the body part Arguments and points of view should be employed throughout your essay in a consistent manner. Include a topic phrase and only one key idea in each paragraph. In one paragraph, describe and explain the single most significant cause. Other causes are highly advised to be addressed in the following paragraphs. If you want to express two opposing views, you should write a new paragraph. Discuss your point of view or views in different paragraphs; doing so will only weaken your essay. Using transition words, guide the reader from one notion to the next. Effective phrases include: for example, furthermore, and so on.

9.Complete your essay writing with a concluding paragraph.

The final paragraph of your essay writing addresses the main topic and its outcomes.

The final paragraph should feature a call to action (if required). For example, we may argue, “Based on all of the evidence, it is incumbent upon us to impeach the current president.” Finally, summarize your ideas in light of all of the information presented throughout the essay. Take note of the overall appeal and create a lasting impact on the reader.

  1. Revise your essay.

When you have completed essay writing, the next stage is editing and proofreading. Make certain that your essay is devoid of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Remember that the content must be given in a step-by-step fashion. Check your essay three times to ensure that there are no mistakes. You cannot avoid either reading or writing as part of the essay writing process.

Avoiding these Typical Essay Writing Errors.

Even if you’re a novice, you’re certain to make mistakes when writing your essay. However, by concentrating on the basics, you may be able to prevent them. Here are some of the most common errors made by non-natives.

  • Conveying ideas in the passive voice.
  • Combining simple and complex sentences.
  • Incorrect or missing transitional sentences should be avoided.
  • Plagiarism.
  • Before we begin, we must properly read and follow the assignment instructions.
  • Failure to use the proper pronoun agreement.
  • Reference citations that are inaccurate or missing.
  • Citing from non-authoritarian sources.

To make your essay stand out, avoid making these frequent mistakes.

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